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Laser Treatments

“At the forefront of the laser surgery field is Dr. R. Patrick Abergel of Santa Monica. He is credited with the development of several unique surgical techniques using lasers, which is fast becoming the best choice for surgery for the average patient,” he says.

“Dr. Abergel is helping to forge a new era in the field of cosmetic surgery. The French born physician has invented several breakthrough procedures by combining state-of-the-art laser techniques and new instruments.”

“Dr. Abergel is well known as a pioneer in the field of cosmetic surgery.”

“Dr. R. Patrick Abergel, a recognized authority on cosmetic surgery, has pioneered a cellulite and fat reduction technique that is more effective than conventional liposuction. He uses Tumescent Plus liposculpture routinely to turn women from a size 16 to a size 10 in as little as two hours. Dr. Abergel believes the new procedure will eventually replace liposculpture.”

“A few minutes of light from a laser can remove damage from years of light from the sun. The laser peel also heals much more quickly than the chemical peel. The FDA is constantly cautioning that if you are interested in undergoing a laser peel, make sure you see a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon and also make sure your doctor is certified in the using a laser. ”
Paula Loper, KCAL TV News.

“In another approach to erasing wrinkles, Dr. Patrick Abergel has replaced the scalpel with the laser beam.”
Tricia Takasugi KABC TV News

“This new laser technique is healing the body as well as the mind. It really does improve a person’s self-esteem.”
Winnie King, KCBS TV News

“Dr. Abergel says the laser techniques offer advantages over conventional surgery, including little or no pain or bleeding, just a half hour of your time and faster patient recovery”

“A new medical breakthrough in the treatment of acne scars. It is a new laser procedure. This laser treatment is permanent and it’s quick and relatively painless to boot.”
Paul Moyer, KNBC TV News.

“Where Dr. Abergel finds wrinkles or dark spots, he uses the laser to remove a tiny layer of skin. When he finds raised areas, he vaporizes them. When he finds valleys or crevices, he uses the laser to smooth them.”
Bruce Hensel, KNBC TV News.

“The beauty of the laser procedure is that there is little or no bleeding. It involves a faster healing time and there is usually no scarring.”
Tricia Takasugi, KABC TV News.

“Dr. Patrick Abergel developed this latest method of face peeling and he performed the surgery on countless patients. Dr. Abergel says this newer technique has many advantages over the older procedures of dermabrasion and chemical face peels.”

“Dr. Abergel specializes in a variety of surgical procedures, many of which he developed including liposculpturing, acne scare removal, laser surgery for bags under the eyes and eyelids, and most recently his revolutionary “sculpting facelift”


“The laser is said to work like an eraser, taking away scars, wrinkles, crows feet, and precancerous brown spots.”

“Now when I get up in the morning, I see how I’ve always felt inside.”
Betty Gipson KCOP TV News.

“No stitches at all Recovery time is one day.”

“I did not feel any pain.”
Steve Gendel, KNBC TV News


“Lots of women get facelifts to try to improve their appearance, but many of those facelifts may not be necessary.”
Tricia Toyota KABC TV News

“Instead of running straight for a facelift, you should know there are other ways to tune up your appearance.”
Dr. Howard Torman, KABC TV News

“A lot of women are told they need a facelift when in fact, they really don’t. What (the patient) had done instead of a facelift was liposuction to remove small excess amounts of fat and recontour her face there is no incision … For lots of other folks, these alternative procedures will give the same or even better results than a facelift.”
Dr. Howard Torman KCBS TV News

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