It just got easier for Baby Boomers to hide their years!

Published on November 15, 2013

This just in: FDA Approves Botox for Crow’s Feet!

With the holiday season right around the corner, most of us are gearing up for visits from guests, parties and celebrations. So…will you look your best or will you be bothered by those annoying little wrinkles around your eyes?

The primary cause for these pesky wrinkles known as “crow’s feet” is exposure to sunlight. Sunlight ages the skin, and it also encourages people to squint, wrinkling the skin around their faces. Smoking is also a risk factor, because smokers tend to squint to protect their eyes from the irritants in the smoke.
Typically associated with age, crow’s feet can make you look years older than you really are.

And while there were already a number of products and services to reduce the appearance of crows’ feet, a new contender has now entered the ring.

The Food and Drug Administration said that Allergan’s Botox Cosmetic injection is the first drug approved to treat the wrinkles that form on the outside edge of the eyes. Allergan studied the use of the drug in over 800 adults with crow’s feet who randomly received Botox or a sham injection. Patients who received Botox had fewer visible wrinkles than those who received the placebo drug.

This additional indication will provide people with a new FDA-approved treatment option for those seeking a smoother appearance by temporarily minimizing the appearance of crow’s feet at the sides of the eyes.

Botox Cosmetic is given by intramuscular injection. And now, Botox can be used to treat frown lines and crow’s feet at the same time.

So why is now the time to get a Botox injection for crow’s feet?

When getting fillers or Botox, I recommend that my patients give themselves at least 2 weeks before a big event or other major plans. This is because there is some time required for the Botox to start working and for the filler to “settle”. Botox can take 5-7 days to start working and it reaches it’s maximum peak at 10 days. Fillers work immediately but look better 2 weeks later. This is because they absorb moisture, like an internal sponge.

So if you’re creating your to-do lists for the holiday season – or just want to look younger when you drop your kids off at school – why not add some Botox treatments to the list so you can look your very best? Call our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation and let’s see if Botox is an option for your crow’s feet.

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