Do Your Hands Give Away Your Age?

Published on August 26, 2013

In recent years, significant breakthroughs have been achieved for facial rejuvenation. Less invasive facelift techniques, lasers, Botox Cosmetics, and dermal fillers offer natural, safe and effective results to patients seeking to look younger and improve their appearance.

Unfortunately, hands are the usual give away, often reflecting our real age. The loss of subcutaneous substance on the back of the hands is one of the reasons for the aged appearance. The other one is the skin atrophy due to sun exposure and the normal collagen disappearance occurring with age.

I have used fat successfully in the past to rejuvenate the hands. However, it is a cumbersome procedure to perform: The fat harvesting needs to be done in the operating room adding preparation time and cost.

The safety and efficacy of calcium hydroxyl apatite (CaHA, Radiesse, BioForm Medical) for the hands are well documented. Radiesse is used successfully for chin and cheek augmentation, marionette lines and other purposes. It can be safely combined with lidocaine anesthetic, rendering the injection virtually pain free. (FDA has approved the combination of CaHA with local anesthesia)

I use my personal blunt injection technique, which greatly reduces the risk of bruising. The injections must be performed in a sterile fashion and followed by a gentle massage of the site to evenly distribute the filler. Ice is recommended to prevent or reduce swelling. Results are natural, long lasting, although not permanent and patients’ satisfaction is high.

Precautions prior to the procedure include discontinuation of aspirin containing products and other blood thinners when appropriate. Patients with bleeding disorders, hand infection and collagen diseases or hand dermatitis should not be treated due to their increased risk for hematomas, infection and poor healing. Patients are usually able to return to work the next day.

In some cases, lasers or chemical peels can be used to further enhance the rejuvenation process.

Using my custom procedure with the latest technology, we have a fine technique to make hands look more attractive and youthful, matching results achieved on the face and the neck.

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