Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgeon: Stop Looking Older Than You Are!

Published on March 10, 2014

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, your Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Robert Abergel needs to speak with you:

  • When you look in the mirror, do you always look tired?
  • Do you look older than your years?
  • If someone attempted to guess your age, would they get it right or judge you to be much older?
  • Are sagging eyelids beginning to impair your vision?

You’re not alone! According to your Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon, as we age, the skin on our upper eyelids can begin droop or sag to the point where it’s not only unattractive, but can also begin to limit our vision.

There are traditional home remedies for drooping eyelids, some of which include:

  • Slices of cucumbers or raw potatoes on your eyelids;
  • Chamomile tea bags on your eyes;
  • A cold spoon on your eyelids;
  • Exercising the muscles in the eyelids;
  • Applying makeup to cover droopy eyelids;
  • Applying some fresh egg white with a Q-tip on your clean and dry eyelids.

But if you don’t want to end up with egg on your face…your Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon has a better option for you!

Laser eyelid surgery rejuvenates the eye area, making the eyes look more alert, awake, and refreshed – and in most cases improving vision. It’s also safer and more effective than traditional eyelid surgery.

Laser eyelid surgery is actually a variation of traditional eyelid surgery that uses a carbon dioxide laser to remove excess skin and fatty tissue. After making small incisions, the laser precisely removes tissue around the upper and lower eyelids.

The laser beam then tightens loose, sagging skin, and eliminates bags beneath the eyes. One advantage of laser eyelid surgery is that it treats the eye area with no visible incisions or stitches. The beam of the laser instantly seals blood vessels as it touches them – so there is reduced swelling, bleeding, and bruising than with traditional eyelid surgery. This also helps to reduce recovery time.

If you’re interested in the benefits of laser eyelid surgery, contact the office of Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Abergel today and let’s schedule a consultation to discuss your needs in greater depth.

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