Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgeon Outlines Difference Between Botox and Dysport

Published on April 28, 2014

The anti-aging industry is booming with injectables that promise to minimize wrinkles, but for some it can be quite confusing. Before taking the plunge into Botox or other fillers, Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon Dr. Patrick Abergel urges you to educate yourself on these anti-aging options.

Following are some of Dr. Abergel’s tips to keep in mind.

  1. There are really two types of injectables. One is Botox and Dysport for active wrinkles and the other is fillers designed to combat wrinkles that are at rest.
  2. Botox and Dysport are medications that your Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon actually injects into the muscle to temporarily weaken it. These are muscles that move in motion, when we raise our eyebrows, frown and/or wrinkle our eyes. These are the muscles that these injections are trying to target.
  3. Botox is a proven medication that has been out on the market a little longer than Dysport and it has name recognition to its benefit. Your Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon finds that Dysport may last a little longer, and it’s been shown and proven in the literature that it works more effectively to combat crow’s feet and fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.
  4. Dr. Abergel says that Botox and Dysport take two to three days before the product takes effect and will last approximately three to four months.
  5. When determining how many units of Botox and Dysport to use, the ratio of Dysport units to Botox units is three to one. Therefore, when your Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon is telling you that he’s going to inject a certain amount of Dysport, don’t be alarmed because it will be more units as compared to Botox.
  6. Another question asked of Dr. Abergel is when the product being injected was mixed (or reconstituted). He advises that it’s essential that the product was mixed the same day – or at least very recently – in order to get the best results.
  7. Your Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon’s last word of advice is to be sure you trust your care to an experienced professional with proof of his/her work and valid referrals. There are a lot of individuals who claim that they have extensive experience in the field, while actually being described as a “hack”.

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