8 popular skincare treatments for men

Published on December 27, 2013

Today, it’s not only women who pay attention to their appearance. Men too have joined the movement to look and feel better when they look at themselves in the mirror. And it’s not surprising that they are seeking the help of treatments like Botox or lasers to help them attain that Greek god-like look.
Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Abergel finds more and more men opting for the following non-surgical treatments.
Botox: As we age, our skin loses its elasticity which results in the appearance of frown lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles, droopy smile, etc. Botox is injected into the skin to help relax the muscles temporarily so that the skin appears smooth. Results typically last for 3-4 months and should be performed at regular intervals to keep the signs of aging at bay.

Laser Hair Reduction: Men also want to get rid of unwanted hair from their chest, back, etc. and laser hair removal is a more permanent way of accomplishing this. It takes a number of treatments and the results are quite promising. The hair grows back slowly and is finer than normal growth as it targets the hair follicle.

Body Contouring: Many men struggle with stubborn body fat that diet and exercise doesn’t seem to reduce. Many are therefore choosing non-surgical body contouring procedures. These are designed to subject the fat to trauma that helps disrupt the fat cells. This damaged fat is not removed by suction (as in traditional or laser liposuction), but is instead left in the body and the body itself clears it away. Commonly targeted areas include the abdomen, love handles, outer and inner thigh, buttocks, upper arms, elbows, calves, back.

Dermal Fillers: Collagen keeps our skin tight and youthful. After our mid 30s, both men and women start losing this supporting structure causing the skin to sag. Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid in a very purified form that is used to build collagen that is lost from aging skin, thereby restoring volume, lifting sagging skin and plumping out the folds.

Peels: Another popular treatment in men – peels – help reduce pigmentation, improve the skin’s texture, remove tan and spots and add a natural glow to the skin. These are solutions that are applied on the skin that leads to peeling or exfoliation of a few layers of the skin.

If you’re interested in any of these procedures for you or the man in your life, call the office of Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Abergel today to schedule a consultation.

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