Eyelid Surgery Santa Monica

Published on May 13, 2019

Eyelid Surgery is a cosmetic procedure performed to improve and re-fresh the appearance around the eyes. This is the area of our face that gets the most attention–we communicate and listen with our eyes–people say they are the windows to our souls. The Eyelid Surgery can reduce bags under the eyes that occur due to the accumulation of fat deposits. Eyelid surgery has helped both men and women of various ages who feel their under eye bags are creating a worn-out, and run-down look, in addition to making them look older than they are or wish to project out to the world.

The Eyelid Surgery is performed by Dr. Massey & Dr. Rahimi with the use of a laser that provides a great amount of precision and can access very small and delicate areas accurately. The laser is also able to both cut and cauterize at the same time which reduces bleeding. With over 25 years of experiences performing this laser eye bags removal procedure, Dr. Massey & Dr. Rahimi were among the first doctors to adopt and publish this out-patient procedure. They have have an impeccable track record with no complications reported. If you are interested in learning more about the eyelid surgery and to find out if it may be right for you, contact our office to schedule your consultation with our office today.