Liposculpture Questions

Q – What is liposculpture?
Liposculpture is a procedure which was developed by European surgeons to remove fat and improve body contour. Dr. Massey & Dr. Rahimi have designed smaller instruments and special techniques to improve the results and speed healing. This also enhances patient comfort, safety, and the cosmetic appearance. As specialists like Dr. Massey & Dr. Rahimi developed the art of liposuction, it became known as liposculpture. Liposculpture can be performed in association with other procedures such as lip augmentation, eyelid enhancement, laser treatment and other minimally invasive techniques.

Q – What areas of the body can be treated with liposculpture?
Dr. Massey & Dr. Rahimi’s liposculpture techniques allow virtually any area of the body to be treated including saddle bags, double chins, the abdomen, chest, love handles, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, knees and ankles.

Q – How do I know if I’m a good candidate for liposculpture?
You may be a good candidate for liposculpture if you are healthy with a good skin tone and a moderate amount of excess fat that you would like to improve. Dr. Massey & Dr. Rahimi can confirm whether or not liposculpture would be right for you during a consultation.

Q – What happens during a consultation for liposculpture?
During the consultation with Dr. Massey & Dr. Rahimi, you will be shown before and after photographs of previous liposculpture patients as well as videotapes. Any questions that you have will be answered and Dr. Massey & Dr. Rahimi will discuss the benefits and risks of liposculpture to help you make an informed decision. If you would like, we can arrange for you to speak with our previous patients as well.

Q – Where do Dr. Massey & Dr. Rahimi perform the liposculpture procedure?
Dr. Massey & Dr. Rahimi perform liposculpture in our state-of-the-art, California-licensed outpatient surgery center. The center is adjacent to St. John’s Hospital, where Dr. Massey & Dr. Rahimi have privileges.

Q – What form of anesthesia is liposculpture performed with?
Light sedation given by our physician anesthesiologist for the liposculpture procedure.

Q – How is the liposculpture procedure performed?
The liposculpture procedure involves local infiltration with a solution containing lidocaine and sterile saline. To facilitate the fat removal, ultra sound energy may be used to first soften the fat tissue. The fat cells are then dislodged and removed using small instruments.

Q – Can I drive myself home after my liposculpture procedure?
Because sedation is used for the liposculpture procedure, you will need someone else to drive you home afterward.

Q – Will the liposculpture procedure leave scars?
Because only very small skin openings of less than a quarter of an inch are used to remove the fat, the resulting scars tend to be unnoticeable and well-concealed.

Q – Will I experience much pain after my liposculpture procedure?
Patients can expect to experience some soreness after the liposculpture procedure.

Q – What can I expect of the recovery after liposculpture?
During the recovery after liposculpture, patients will wear a thin garment under their clothing. Some soreness can be expected. If bruising or swelling should occur, it resolves within two to three weeks. You can help to speed the healing process with warm baths and gentle massages. The final result is usually apparent after two and a half months.

Q – When can I return to work after undergoing liposculpture?
In most cases patients can return to work within forty-eight to seventy-two hours after the liposculpture procedure.

Q – How soon can I exercise after undergoing liposculpture?
Exercise can be resumed within one week after the liposculpture procedure.

Q – When will my stitches be removed after my liposculpture procedure?
The stitches are removed one week after the liposculpture procedure.

Q – What are the risks of liposculpture?
Cosmetic surgery, like any surgery, has risks. During your consultation, possible complications will be discussed in detail to enable you to make an informed decision. Despite any risks, liposculpture is a safer and more affordable choice than ever before.

Q – Is liposculpture covered by insurance?
For surgeries performed for medical reasons, such as excessive hooding of the upper eyelids, impaired vision, and breast reduction, insurance may cover part of the cost of the procedure. Liposculpture is often considered cosmetic. However, we will assist you in checking with your insurance carrier.

Q – Are the results of liposculpture permanent?
The fat cells removed through liposculpture do not return. Provided that patients follow a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and proper diet, the results can be long lasting.

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