Laser Mini Lift Questions

Q – What is a laser mini facelift?
The laser mini-facelift is a minimally invasive procedure developed by Dr. Massey & Dr. Rahimi to address the early signs of aging and sagging skin. The procedure can help tighten the skin and rejuvenate the face. The laser mini-facelift is often performed with laser eyelid surgery, laser or chemical peel, lip augmentation, facial sculpture, tissue glue and/or fat grafting for complete facial rejuvenation. Each of these procedures enhances the other for a better end result. Each patient is different so the treatment is tailored to each patient’s needs.

Q – How do I know if I’m a good candidate for a laser mini facelift?
The best candidate is a man or woman who is showing looseness of the skin, a small double chin, or the beginning of a jowly appearance. The laser mini-facelift is ideal for turning back the clock before excessive sagging of the face occurs. For more advanced cases, a facelift or necklift may be a better option. A consultation with Dr. Massey & Dr. Rahimi is the best way to find out if the laser mini face-lift is right for you.

Q – Where do Dr. Massey & Dr. Rahimi perform the laser mini facelift?
The laser mini face-lift is performed in our state-of-the-art, state-licensed surgery center which is adjacent to St. John’s Hospital where Dr. Massey & Dr. Rahimi have privileges. You can recover in the comfort of your own home or we have a beautiful recovery center where you can spend the first one or two nights after surgery if you wish.

Q – What form of anesthesia is the laser mini facelift performed with?
The laser mini face-lift may be performed with local or twilight anesthesia. These options will be discussed with the doctor.

Q – How is the laser mini facelift performed?
The first step of the laser mini face-lift consists of infiltration of an anesthetic solution under pressure to create a natural, very gentle lifting of the skin. Dr. Massey & Dr. Rahimi then performs liposculpture to restore a youthful facial contour and the skin is then lifted by a skin elevator invented by Dr. Abergel. After making a small laser incision, the excess skin is removed to make the facial skin appear repositioned in a natural and youthful way.

Q – How long is the surgery for the laser mini facelift?
The laser mini face-lift takes about two hours to perform.

Q – Can I drive myself home after my laser mini facelift?
You will be able to drive yourself home if local anesthesia is used for the laser mini face-lift. If you select a light sedation, you will need to have someone else drive you home.

Q – Where are the incisions made for the laser mini facelift?
For the laser mini face-lift, a small laser incision is placed by each ear.

Q – Will the laser mini facelift leave scars?
For the laser mini-facelift, the small laser incision placed by each ear results in a well-concealed scar that usually fades with time

Q – What can I expect of the recovery after the laser mini facelift?
The less invasive nature of the laser mini face-lift allows patients to return to their activities much sooner. The healing process is quite easy with minimal bruising or swelling. Patients can usually resume their normal activities within a few days.

Q – When can I return to work after undergoing a laser mini facelift?
In most cases, patients can return to their normal activities and work within three days.

Q – How soon can I exercise after undergoing a laser mini facelift?
Exercise can usually be resumed within one week after the laser mini face-lift.

Q – When will my stitches be removed after my laser mini facelift?
The stitches are removed one week after the laser mini face-lift.

Q – Is the laser mini facelift covered by insurance?
When surgeries are performed for medical reasons, such as excessive hooding of the upper eyelids, impaired vision, and breast reduction, insurance may cover part of the cost of the procedure. The laser mini face-lift is typically considered a cosmetic procedure, though we will assist you in checking with your insurance carrier.

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