BOTOX Cosmetic Questions

Q – What is BOTOX Cosmetic?
BOTOX Cosmetic is an injectable treatment able to improve dynamic wrinkles, or those resulting from the facial muscles responsible for expressions. These include crow’s feet, worry lines and laugh lines. BOTOX Cosmetic is directly injected into the particular facial muscle to temporarily relax the muscle and smooth out the wrinkle.

Q – How does BOTOX Cosmetic work?
BOTOX Cosmetic works by blocking the nerve impulses and temporarily paralyzing the muscles responsible for wrinkles.

Q – Are there any limitations to what BOTOX Cosmetic can achieve?
Though BOTOX Cosmetic can effectively treat expression lines, it will not improve sagging skin resulting from age.

Q – What areas can be treated with BOTOX Cosmetic?
BOTOX Cosmetic can be used to treat dynamic wrinkles like crow’s feet, worry lines and laugh lines.

Q – How do I know if I’m a good candidate for BOTOX Cosmetic?
If you are healthy and are looking to improve the appearance of dynamic wrinkles, you may be a good candidate for BOTOX Cosmetic.

Q – What happens during a consultation for BOTOX Cosmetic?
Before the BOTOX Cosmetic treatment, we will meet with you to evaluate your medical history and examine your eyes to determine the most effective injection sites. Any issues or concerns that you may have will be addressed.

Q – Does the BOTOX Cosmetic procedure require anesthesia?
The BOTOX Cosmetic procedure does not require anesthesia. During the injections, patients experience only a very small sting.

Q – How is the BOTOX Cosmetic procedure performed?
The treatment areas are first marked and digital photographs are taken. The photographs are used to determine the amount of improvement after the procedure. The BOTOX Cosmetic is then injected directly into the facial muscles with a small needle. Patients experience only a slight sting with each injection.

Q – How long does the BOTOX Cosmetic procedure take to perform?
BOTOX Cosmetic treatment is quick, taking just about ten minutes to complete.

Q – Will I experience much pain during the BOTOX Cosmetic injection?
There is little pain or discomfort associated with BOTOX Cosmetic treatment, just a slight sting with each injection. Anesthesia is not necessary.

Q – What can I expect of the recovery after the BOTOX Cosmetic injection?
Some slight bruising may occur around the injection site after treatment. This usually fades quickly and patients are able to immediately return to their normal activities. Other temporary side effect may occur including muscle weakness and, rarely, eyelid droop.

Q – When can I return to work after undergoing a BOTOX Cosmetic injection?
Work and other normal activities can be resumed immediately after the BOTOX Cosmetic treatment.

Q – What are the risks of BOTOX Cosmetic?
There are few risks associated with BOTOX Cosmetic. Patients may experience some slight bruising that fades quickly. Though less common, temporary muscle weakness or eyelid droop may also occur.

Q – Is BOTOX Cosmetic covered by insurance?
When procedures are performed for medical reasons, such as excessive hooding of the upper eyelids, impaired vision, and breast reduction, insurance may cover part of the cost of the procedure. We will help you in checking with your insurance carrier.

Q – How long do the results of BOTOX Cosmetic last?
The results of BOTOX Cosmetic are not permanent and treatment will need to be repeated two to three times per year in order to maintain the effect. Long-term use of BOTOX Cosmetic has been shown to lead to a longer duration with each treatment.

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