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The Laser Mini FaceLift and Neck Lift
The Abergel Institute

What is different about our technique?

  • First, it is adapted to each patient individually. Because each patient is different, a good cosmetic surgeon should have an artistic eye capable of designing a specific treatment plan unique to each patient rather than using a “cookie cutter” approach.
  • Secondly, it is designed to achieve a beautiful and natural result. My goal is to help turn back the clock and enhance patient original features, rather than making them look like someone else’s.
  • Thirdly, It is less invasive with shorter incisions designed to heal fast with minimal discomfort.

Objectives and Specifics

  1. Avoid the “wind tunnel” look: Patients’ biggest fear and most common reason for not undergoing a facelift. The tragic facelift “caricature”, with its excessively stretched, distorted skin and a “joker” appearance is too well known and must be avoided at all cost.A successful facelift is achieved when the patient looks younger and feels rejuvenated. The surgery should be undetectable. Our facelift aims at turning back the clock, to make you look younger, the way you use to look or better. A natural result is achieved by repairing the effects of gravity while enhancing your natural features.
  2. laser-mini Address the wrinkles and the other effects of aging skin. A traditional facelift does not have any effect on lip lines and facial wrinkles. It does not address keratosis, sunspots, and other skin lesions. However, the Laser FaceLift specifically treats sun-damaged skin, removes pre-cancerous lesions, rejuvenates your complexion in one treatment.
  3. Minimize the size of incisions The Laser Mini Facelift incisions are smaller. We avoid incisions into the scalp. Therefore, there is no risk of hair loss or damage to the contour of the hairline. Shorter incisions are less invasive, easier to hide and will heal faster than larger incisions.
  4. The Laser MiniFaceLift and MiniNeckLift technique Rather than peeling the skin with a scalpel, we elevate the skin with local anesthetic injected under pressure. A perfect plane of dissection is created. Then the skin is gently lifted using proprietary instruments. The absence of scalpel dissection lessens the risks of blood vessel perforation and nerve damage. In our experience, using blunt instruments reduces the chance of excessive bruising or swelling. The sculpture of the jawline and the neck is a key step to achieve a chiseled jawline and a sharp profile.
  5. The real success after a facelift A successful operation can be asserted by examining photographs of the jawline on a ¾ view. A traditional facelift aims often lift the jowls. This technique is however only partially effective. The return of the jowly look is expected with time, due to gravity and enlargement of fat deposits. I use a different approach and remove rather displace most of the fat responsible for a jowly appearance, using micro-instruments specifically designed for this application. The result is a sharp jawline, critical to achieve a successful rejuvenation of the face and neck.
  6. Recovery A less invasive surgery is expected to lead to a shorter recovery with minimal discomfort. Thus, you may return to your activities faster!
  7. Longevity of the results Generally, facelifts last 5-10 years. Results vary according to various factors such as age, use of tobacco, sun exposure, genetics, weight fluctuation, illness, skin thickness, skin type, medical history and other factors.

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